About Us

Cape Tip Sportswear

When we opened our doors in 1976, we wanted to bring the best available sportswear and footwear to the residents and visitors of Upper Cape Cod.

Nearly 40 years later, Cape Tip Sportswear of Provincetown, MA, continues to bring our customers the very best.

Our owner, David Oliver, is a former coach, who uses his athletic background to select the best athletic wear for every season.

During the summer, you'll find that we focus largely on athletic wear. In the winter, we shift toward warm, dry, practical wear. Throughout the year, we carry a wide variety of styles and brands, including 400 types of sneakers, sandals and other footwear. We also offer a wide price range, with something right for every budget.

Cape Tip Sportswear has the most knowledgeable retail staff in the area, trained on the technical aspects of all our products. For example, if you're experiencing knee or back problems but want to run, our staff can help you find exactly the right shoe.

If you love the outdoors, Cape Tip Sportswear has the gear for you. Come visit us today!

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